Ivo Nikolaev Sirakov

Medical University of Sofia Bulgaria

Dr. Ivo Sirakov graduated in veterinary medicine in Sofia (2005) and in 2012 he got his PhD degree at the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency. He works as assistant and assistant professor at the NRL \Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies\ where he is responsible for diagnosis of TSE\'s by WB, IHC and ELISA methods; sequencing of the sheep and goat prion protein gene. He has participated in international inter-laboratory ring tests and number of trainings. He has taken place in leading of reference laboratories in the EU. He has participated as a government expert in discussions on TSE-related legislation in the EC. In the period of 2013-2015 he was head of the NRL \Enzootic Bovine Leukosis\ and a lecturer at the Medical University of Sofia. Dr. Sirakov is lecturer at MU-Sofia since 2015.

Ivo Nikolaev Sirakov

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The cellular prion protein (PrPC) is expressed as a cell surface protein mainly in the central and peripheral nervous system. The discovery that prions are infectious agents changed the concept of protein synthesis in modern biology and built a bridge between the genesis of infectious and genetic diseases. This book discusses the normal function of the PrPC and its modulatory role in synaptic mechanisms. It describes the pathophysiological processes that accompany TSE - neurotoxicity, loss of anti-inflammatory protective function, neuronal death including prion-induced autophagy and apoptosis, and accumulation of PrPSc in the cytoplasm of neurons. Another aspect outlined here is that some prion diseases show strain variations that determine their development, demonstrating their key role in the development and progression of TSE.

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