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National University of La Pampa

ISABEL GIGLI finished Veterinary Medicine and received her Doctoral of Science degree in Physiology (2001); she completed her doctoral research training at the Institute of Biology and Experimental Medicine (IByMe), in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Afterwards, she completed a three year Post doctoral training at the University of Cornell, USA. In addition, she worked two years at the University of Palermo, Italy. Her field of research is mammary gland physiology. With an increasing interest in sustainability and environment, in the last couple of years she focused her research on alternative uses of whey. Dr Gigli is a full-time professor at the School of Agriculture at the National University of La Pampa (UNLPam), Argentina, teaching physiology of lactation and milk production.

Isabel Gigli

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Whey - Biological Properties and Alternative Uses proposes to rethink our use of agro-industrial by-products. Especially, those from cheese production, which although contain 50% of the nutrients of the original milk, are treated as waste. In this book, the authors offer alternative processes beyond the traditional ones, such as the production of vodka beverages from fermented whey, lactose-free isotonic beverages and glycomacropeptides in the food industry. Also, it discusses alternative uses of buttermilk: the production of biofilms, beverages, and microbiology additives. As always, the emphasis is on reducing environmental impact during food production and finding new strategies to reduce the waste of raw materials with nutritional value. This book is an excellent opportunity for graduate students and researchers from other areas to become aware of the problems faced when considering agro-industrial by-products with nutritional value as waste.

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