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Warsaw University of Technology Poland

Krzysztof Zboinski is a Full Professor at the Faculty of Transport, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland. His general areas of interest are mechanical engineering and transport. His specialization is in vehicle dynamics. His specific area of research concerns railway vehicles. He is the author and coauthor of more than 200 publications and research elaborations, among which the most important and internationally known concern modeling rail vehicle dynamics, including multibody systems, computer methods, and curved track motion; stability in a curved track; dynamics in transition curves; and simulations of vehicle dynamics in general. These publications are subject to more than 150 international citations all over the world. He has been a leader of 33 collective and individual research projects and has 32 years of academic experience.

Krzysztof Zboinski

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This book focuses on selected research problems of contemporary railways. The first chapter is devoted to the prediction of railways development in the nearest future. The second chapter discusses safety and security problems in general, precisely from the system point of view. In the third chapter, both the general approach and a particular case study of a critical incident with regard to railway safety are presented. In the fourth chapter, the question of railway infrastructure studies is presented, which is devoted to track superstructure. In the fifth chapter, the modern system for the technical condition monitoring of railway tracks is discussed. The compact on-board sensing device is presented. The last chapter focuses on modeling railway vehicle dynamics using numerical simulation, where the dynamical models are exploited.

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