Badie I. Morsi

University of Pittsburgh United States of America

Professor Morsi is the director of the Petroleum Engineering Program at the Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh, USA. His research activities focus on reactor and process engineering; CO2 capture from flue gas, fuel gas, air, and natural gas using chemical and physical solvents; enhanced oil recovery using CO2 and alcohols; and CO2 sequestration in depleted gas/oil reservoirs, deep coal seams, and underground saline aquifers. Professor Morsi received a BS (1972) in Petroleum Engineering from Cairo University, Egypt, and an MS (1977), a Ph.D. (1979), and an ScD (1982), all in Chemical Engineering from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques, University of Lorrain, France.

Badie I. Morsi

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Enhanced Oil Recovery - Selected Topics includes nine chapters in five sections. Chapters address enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes, such as miscible flooding, surfactants flooding, polymers flooding, and microbial flooding. They also present fundamental and technical details along with case studies. This book provides ample and useful knowledge for the design of laboratory-scale and field-scale EOR processes. It is a useful resource for practitioners working in oil field production applications and graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in petroleum engineering.

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