Daniel Junqueira Dorta

University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Daniel Dorta is a professor of toxicology and clinical chemistry at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Dr. Dorta graduated in pharmacy and biochemistry, specializing in clinical pharmacology. He has a Ph.D. in toxicology, a Master\'s in pharmaceutical sciences, and a post-doctorate in pharmacology. He is a past president of the Brazilian Society of Toxicology and the Brazilian Society of Forensic Sciences. He was also a director of the Executive Committee of the International Union of Toxicology. He has written more than 50 articles and 17 book chapters. He is co-editor and author of Forensic Toxicology (in Portuguese) and Toxicity Assessment – ​​Methods and Protocols. He has experience in the toxicological evaluation of ingredients applied to the pharmaceutical industry and in PDE/ADE determinations.

Daniel Junqueira Dorta

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Given the widespread presence of chemical compounds in the environment and their effects on organisms, there is an increasing need to better understand the mechanisms underlying their toxicity. This book brings together 13 chapters on a variety of topics from different areas of research in environmental pollutants toxicology. While it illustrates the toxic effects of several environmental contaminants on humans and the biota, it also introduces methodologies for assessing environmental contamination as well as remediation techniques.

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