Anabela Cordeiro-Da-Silva

University of Porto

Anabela Cordeiro da Silva is an Associate Professor of Immunology at the Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Porto. Teaches Immunology and Clinical Immunology and participates on several PhD Programs: Pharmaceutical Sciences, Medicines and Pharmaceutical Innovation and Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology Applied to Health Sciences. She is group leader of Parasite Disease team, at the Institute of Molecular Cellular Biology in Instituto de Investigação e Inovação em Saúde da Universidade do Porto, having published over 130 original peer-reviewed articles, and supervised 20 PhD students and postdocs. Currently, her research group is mostly devoted to drug/vaccine and diagnosis development for leishmaniasis as well as understanding cellular and molecular mechanisms during infection. She was also member of the Scientific Council of both FFUP and IBMC/I3S, and Vice-President of the Education Council of FFUP.

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