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Professor Patricia Price began as a laboratory-based immunologist with an interest in problems facing the majority world – malnutrition, parasite infections and finally viruses. Since 1996 she has undertaken several projects mapping and characterising polymorphic immunoregulatory genes in the central MHC – this has continued to include characterisations of TNF haplotypes and associated with disease in Asians and Caucasians. She established a collaboration with Martyn French to investigate the immune responses of HIV patients undergoing potent anti-retroviral therapy. This includes a search for markers which define “Immune Restoration Diseases” and reasons why some patients fail to restore CD4 T-cell numbers or function. The team now includes three post-doctoral scientists and several graduate students. Since 2004, collaborations have been established in Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Cambodia, Delhi and Johannesburg to monitor immunological changes in HIV patients beginning ART with co-infections. Projects include Immune Restoration Diseases and Anti-retroviral Toxic Neuropathy.

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Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is carried by 50 100% of the worlds population throughout their lives. Consequences are most readily seen in immunocompromised individuals such as organ transplant recipients, HIV-infected patients and new born infants. This book gives an in-depth view of manifestations of CMV infection in immunocompromised individuals: how it affects the immune system and how it is diagnosed and treated. The book also sheds light on the epidemiology and impact of CMV in sub-Saharan Africa, and also associations with age related disease that are more commonly seen in the western world. It particularly details a recent discovery between CMV and tumour immuno-biology. The book explores the development of a few compounds and also highlights the need to discover novel antiviral agents in future.

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