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Technical University of Madrid Spain

Prof. Agustín Jiménez is Catedrático de Universidad (Full Professor) in the area of Systems Engineering at the Departamento de Automática, Ingeniería Electrónica e Informática Industrial of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He was born in Toledo, Spain, in 1952, became Industrial Engineer at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingenieros Industriales of the U.P.M, and got the PhD degree at the U.P.M. in 1978. His main activities have been in the development and application of advanced control technologies in the area of continuous process control. In particular the main effort is in the integration of artificial intelligence techniques with conventional control applications. He has published several papers and books, being the latest State Space Control (in Spanish). His experience in R&D projects is very wide, having participated in several industrial projects, in ESPRIT projects (623, 2202 PLATO, 6447 HINT and 22130 DIXIT) IST projects (10258 DOTS and 29456 WEBFAIR), RTD-Inco 962074 PROQUS and in national founded research projects, most of them in the field of design and implementation of Intelligent Process Control Systems

Agustin Jimenez

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This book presents the most recent research advances in robot manipulators. It offers a complete survey to the kinematic and dynamic modelling, simulation, computer vision, software engineering, optimization and design of control algorithms applied for robotic systems. It is devoted for a large scale of applications, such as manufacturing, manipulation, medicine and automation. Several control methods are included such as optimal, adaptive, robust, force, fuzzy and neural network control strategies. The trajectory planning is discussed in details for point-to-point and path motions control. The results in obtained in this book are expected to be of great interest for researchers, engineers, scientists and students, in engineering studies and industrial sectors related to robot modelling, design, control, and application. The book also details theoretical, mathematical and practical requirements for mathematicians and control engineers. It surveys recent techniques in modelling, computer simulation and implementation of advanced and intelligent controllers.

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