Seteno Ntwampe

RESEARCH PROFILE STATISTICS: Research Experience: Research Assistant/associate - 2004 Jan to 2008 Jun, PI - 2008 to date [11 yrs research experience to date] Prof Ntwampe is a Leader (PI) of an institutional research group: Bioresource Engineering Research Group (BioERG) - Applied Sciences Faculty (Cape Peninsula University of Technology - Cape Town campus). Statistics - Books (0); Book chapters (3); Peer reviewed Journals (21); Total Conference presentations (32) - with International conferences being (18); International paper awards (1, International Water Association/IWA); Student supervision as Main/Primary supervisor (Graduated/completed projects at Masters and Doctoral level): Total Graduates (9) -8x Masters [7-Full(100%) theses; 1x 50% Thesis]; 1x Doctoral [Full/100% thesis] Student supervision as Main/Primary supervisor (Graduated/completed projects at Undergraduate level): Total Diploma thesis (x25) - a prerequisite for completing undergraduate studies. Equivalent standard [Bologna Process - thesis for 1st cycle qualification/ Laurea thesis] Supervision [Postdoctoral fellows] - x1 (Dr Peter Daso). Current students under supervision: 7x Masters; 4x Doctoral. National research foundation Interns hosted: (x3)

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