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University of Pitesti Romania

Professor Marian Petre, Bachelor in Science and Ph.D. in Biological Sciences, graduated Faculty of Biology at Bucharest University in 1981. He worked as microbiologist at National Institute of R & D in Floriculture (1982-1984), as research assistant and, then as principal investigator at R & D Institute for Vegetables and Fruits Processing (1984-1994), Research Centre for Ecological Technologies (1994-1998), National Institute of R & D in Biological Sciences (1998-2000). Since 2000, he became lecturer at the Ecological University of Bucharest (2000-2004) and from 2004 to 2007 he worked as senior researcher at National Institute for R & D in Horticultural Biotechnology Stefanesti-Arges. Since 2007, he is teaching as professor of biotechnology for environmental protection, microbiology and bioremediation at the University of Pitesti, Faculty of Sciences, Department of Natural Sciences. So far, he wrote and published over 140 papers, 50 of them being published in international journals and proceeding volumes all over the world. During the last decade, he registered as first author 10 Romanian patents in the field of biotechnology for edible and medicinal mushroom cultivation and he has been awarded with gold and silver medals at international exhibitions for inventions, research and new technologies in Brussels, Geneva and SuZhou (China). He wrote 10 books published in Romania and 2 book chapters published by Marcel Dekker and Kluwer Academic Publishers. He was invited as chairman of five international congresses, conferences and symposia as well as member of the scientific committee of international conference on mushroom biology and mushroom products. He is editor assistant at Journal of Ecology and Natural Environment as well as editorial board member of Annals of Forest Research

Marian Petre

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Taking into consideration the outstanding importance of studying and applying the biological means to remove or mitigate the harmful effects of global pollution on the natural environment, as direct consequences of quantitative expansion and qualitative diversification of persistent and hazardous contaminants, the present book provides useful information regarding New Approaches and Prospective Applications in Environmental Biotechnology. This volume contains twelve chapters divided in the following three parts: biotechnology for conversion of organic wastes, biodegradation of hazardous contaminants and, finally, biotechnological procedures for environmental protection. Each chapter provides detailed information regarding scientific experiments that were carried out in different parts of the world to test different procedures and methods designed to remove or mitigate the impact of hazardous pollutants on environment. The book is addressed to researchers and students with specialties in biotechnology, bioengineering, ecotoxicology, environmental engineering and all those readers who are interested to improve their knowledge in order to keep the Earth healthy.

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Environmental Biotechnology New Approaches and Prospective Applications Edited by Marian Petre

Environmental Biotechnology

Edited by Marian Petre

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Advances in Applied Biotechnology Edited by Marian Petre

Advances in Applied Biotechnology

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