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Ming Q Wei is a full Professor at School of Medical Science, and a Director at Division for Molecular and Gene Therapies, Griffith Health Institute, Griffith University, Queensland. He is trained in clinical Medicine (MBBS), specialised on Microbiology (MSc., PhD) in China and Australia with further trainings in USA (Massachusetts Institute for Technology and University of Washington). He has an international reputation in gene delivery for gene therapy, especially cancer gene therapy with a focus on developing microbial vector systems. He was the secretary for Australasian Gene Therapy Society, served on National Health and Medical Research Council Grant Review Panel, is on the editorial boards of 14 international Journals, and reviews manuscripts and grants for many top journals and granting bodies internationally. He has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Dr Jain Zhou Smart State Fellow and has convened several national and international conferences. He has over 120 peer-reviewed publications.

Ming Wei

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Gene therapy has the potential to be a tailor-made therapeutic with increased specificity and decreased side effects that can offer a "cure" for many disorders. The aim of this book is to provide up-to-date reviews of the rapidly growing field of gene therapy. Chapters cover a large range of topics including methods of gene delivery, and identification of targets with several papers on cancer gene therapy. If more people become aware of the true nature and potential of gene therapy, perhaps we can achieve the full benefit of such an innovative approach for the treatment of a range of diseases, including cancer.

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