Kaan Kırali

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Professor Dr. Kaan Kırali completed his training in Koşuyolu Heart and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. He became a consultant surgeon in 1997, and has published more than 90 international and 160 national articles. He is the pioneer of awake complete CABG with BIMA. He is also one of the pioneers of aortic root surgery. He has developed a new aortotomy incision, which makes aortic valve interventions simpler. He completed a master’s program on preventive medicine in Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Kırali is the Head of the Department of CVS in Sakarya University, Sakarya, Turkey, and the Chief of the Department of CVS in Koşuyolu Heart and Research Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. He is also in charge of the heart transplantation mechanical assist device program, and a member of several international societies.

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Heart valves are the basic functional structure of the heart to obtain, sustain, and maintain blood circulations in the body without energy loss, allowing blood regurgitation or obstructing blood flow. There are two basic designs of heart valves: actively protected via subvalvular apparatus (atrioventricular valves) and passively strengthened (ventriculoarterial valves). The embryologic and morphologic development of heart valves is the key stage to continue normofunctional structure and physiological behavior. Fetal anomalies, embryologic defects, or non-development pathologies may damage the structure of heart valves and cause functional deterioration at different grades. In this book, we have focused on specific pathologies, which require special knowledge and treatment modalities.

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