Laura M. Castro

University of A Coruña Spain

Dr. Laura M. Castro is a professor at the University of A Coruña, Spain, where she has been lecturing for more than fifteen years. Apart from being a coordinator of several undergraduate courses on software architecture and software testing, she is currently the president of the Institutional Chair for Open Science Promotion through Software (CICAS). Her most recent research interests focus on the automatic validation of distributed systems. She has supervised three Ph.D. theses and acted as principal investigator for several European projects. She is also actively involved in dissemination activities, in particular the visibility of women in STEM, as a member of the Association for Computing Machinery's Council on Women in Computing (ACM-W) Europe.

Laura M. Castro

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Updates on Software Usability is a collection of high-quality contributions for developers and non-developers alike. Beyond the preliminaries, the book is organized into two other parts: “Designing for Usability” and “Testing for Usability”. The chapters in the second section, “Designing for Usability”, offer valuable insights and practical guidance to take into account during the early stages of product conception and development. On the other hand, the chapters in the third section, “Testing for Usability”, reflect and formalize software usability’s evaluation and validation processes. These two complementary views on the subject make this book a balanced and comprehensive volume, which the reader will undoubtedly find both interesting and useful.

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