Mohamed Zellagui

University of BatnaAlgeria

Training : 2010-to day: PhD Student in electrical engineering, option : electrical networks, Faculty of Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Batna, Algeria. Title: Impact of FACTS (Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System) on Distance Protection Schemes in Electrical Power Systems High Voltage 220 and 400 kV\. 2007-2010: Magister in electrical engineering, option : modeling and control of electrical machines, Faculty of Engineering Sciences, Department of Electrical Engineering at University of Constantine, Algeria. Title: Study of Protection on Distribution Electrical Networks Medium Voltage (30 and 10 kV). 2002-2007: Engineer in electrical engineering, option: electrical, Faculty of Engineering Sciences at the University of Constantine, Algeria (First class). Title: \Study and Implementation of Distance Protection on Transmission Line 220 kV from Fault\.

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