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Western University

Dr. Terry E. Moschandreou is a professor in mathematics at the University of Western Ontario in the School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences where he has taught for several years. He received his PhD degree in Applied Mathematics from the University of Western Ontario in 1996. The greater part of his professional life has been spent at the University of Western Ontario(teaching 8 years mathematics and fluid dynamics courses) and Fanshawe College in London (where he has taught physics courses), Ontario, Canada. Dr. Moschandreou is also currently working for Thames Valley District School Board in London Ontario Canada, where he teaches elementary students Mathematics and Science. For a short period, he worked at the National Technical University of Athens, Greece. Dr. Moschandreou is the author of several research articles in blood flow and oxygen transport in the microcirculation, general fluid dynamics, and theory of differential equations. Also, he has contributed to the field of finite element modeling of the upper airways in sleep apnea as well as surgical brain deformation modeling. More recently, he has been working with the partial differential equations of multiphase flow and level set methods as used in fluid dynamics. Finally he proposes to have a solution to the Millennium Prize Problem(main findings submitted in the period 2018-2022) for the breakdown of solutions to the Periodic Navier Stokes equations on the 3-Torus.

Terry E. Moschandreou

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The editor has incorporated contributions from a diverse group of leading researchers in the field of differential equations. This book aims to provide an overview of the current knowledge in the field of differential equations. The main subject areas are divided into general theory and applications. These include fixed point approach to solution existence of differential equations, existence theory of differential equations of arbitrary order, topological methods in the theory of ordinary differential equations, impulsive fractional differential equations with finite delay and integral boundary conditions, an extension of Massera's theorem for n-dimensional stochastic differential equations, phase portraits of cubic dynamic systems in a Poincare circle, differential equations arising from the three-variable Hermite polynomials and computation of their zeros and reproducing kernel method for differential equations. Applications include local discontinuous Galerkin method for nonlinear Ginzburg-Landau equation, general function method in transport boundary value problems of theory of elasticity and solution of nonlinear partial differential equations by new Laplace variational iteration method. Existence/uniqueness theory of differential equations is presented in this book with applications that will be of benefit to mathematicians, applied mathematicians and researchers in the field. The book is written primarily for those who have some knowledge of differential equations and mathematical analysis. The authors of each section bring a strong emphasis on theoretical foundations to the book.

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