Muzaffer Metin

Muzaffer Metin spent 3 years in industrial research before he took up an academic position at Yildiz Technical University, where he is currently Assist.Professor of Machine Theory, System Dynamics and Control Department. He is also a part-time professor in the Istanbul Aydin University. His research is concerned with a variety of practical applications of railway system dynamics and advanced control of vibrations. Specific projects are concerned with vibration control of railway superstructures and active railway vehicle suspensions. His projects are characterized by strong industrial collaboration, having worked with companies such as Metro Istanbul, Tüvasaş, Tüdemsaş, and TCDD-Datem. He undertook a PhD in the dynamics of light railway vehicles sponsored by the Metro Istanbul AŞ in Istanbul. For 4 years, he gave consultancy on dynamic analysis and vibration and acoustic tests of rail vehicles at Istanbul Tram project to the Metro Istanbul R & D team. He spent 12 years as Researcher and Lecturer at Yildiz Technical University teaching and carrying out research into the railway system dynamics and vibration insulation where, in 2016, he set up the Railway System Investigation Laboratory which provided expert advice and solutions for the railway industry.

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