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French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Spatial Planning, Development and Networks France

Dr. Fouzia Elbahhar Boukour was born in 1975. She received the M.S and Ph.D degrees form the University of Valenciennes (France) in 2000 and 2004, respectively. She is actually employed as researcher at IFSTTAR/LEOST, Villeneuve d’Ascq, France. Fouzia Boukour is author or coauthor of more than 50 research papers, including journal articles, book chapters and conference proceedings. She participates at many national and European projects dedicated to transport applications. She serves also as a reviewer for several journals and international Conference. She is involved in signal processing especially Ultra wide band technology. Her major research interests are land transportation like Communication Vehicle to Vehicle and vehicle to Infrastructure, localisation.

Fouzia Elbahhar

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Accurate determination of the mobile position constitutes the basis of many new applications. This book provides a detailed account of wireless systems for positioning, signal processing, radio localization techniques (Time Difference Of Arrival), performances evaluation, and localization applications. The first section is dedicated to Satellite systems for positioning like GPS, GNSS. The second section addresses the localization applications using the wireless sensor networks. Some techniques are introduced for localization systems, especially for indoor positioning, such as Ultra Wide Band (UWB), WIFI. The last section is dedicated to Coupled GPS and other sensors. Some results of simulations, implementation and tests are given to help readers grasp the presented techniques. This is an ideal book for students, PhD students, academics and engineers in the field of Communication, localization & Signal Processing, especially in indoor and outdoor localization domains.

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