Davod Poreh

University of Naples Federico II

Dr. Davod Poreh Ph.D. is a member of DIETI Department of Electrical Engineering in University of Naples Federico II. He has been working in radar satellite/airborne remote sensing, laser remote sensing, and passive satellite remote sensing in many European countries including Germany and Italy, consequently studying and producing many radar interferograms, persistent scatterers, polarimetiric data sets, airborne/sea laser data, topographic data, etc. His main research interests are in the field of electromagnetic, microwave and passive remote sensing, image processing (optical and SAR), radar, polarimetric SAR, interferometreic SAR, sensor design, antenna, polarimetric based radar simulations, InSAR time series (persistent scatterers interferometry, and SBAS), ground penetrating radar, seismic, gravity, electromagnetic geophysics, information retrieval for land, oceanic, and urban area, EO programming, and GIS.

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