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University of Cergy-Pontoise

T. T. Truong holds a Ph.D in theoretical physics from Columbia University in New York, N.Y., USA in 1973 and a Habilitation degree from Free University in Berlin Germany in 1987. He has been professor of physics at the university of Tours, France before moving to the university of Cergy-Pontoise, France, where he is now emeritus professor of physics. His main interests are in Quantum Mechanics, Integrable Systems in statistical physics and quantum field theory in low dimensions, super-integrable quantum mechanics, quantum dots and integral geometry for imaging science.

Trong Tuong Truong

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This book is devoted to recent developments in quantum mechanics. After an Introductory chapter, Chapter 2 describes the cooperative spontaneous lasing mechanism in gas in three level systems and their possible quantum retardation effects. Chapter 3 is concerned with the evolution of states of large quantum particle systems via marginal correlation operators. Chapter 4 studies the effects of electronic transfer using ab initio quantum calculation methods to access biological macromolecular system behaviors. Chapter 5 concentrates on new features of supersymmetric quantum mechanics using the adjunction of boson-fermion symmetry. The book will be of interest to graduate and Ph.D students as well as scientists from various backgrounds who are concerned with quantum effects.

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