Juan Carlos Moreno Piraján

Universidad de los Andes

Dr. Juan Carlos Moreno-Piraján is a Full Professor, Department of Chemistry at the Universidad de los Andes (Bogotá, Colombia) and a Director of the Research Group of Porous Solids and Calorimetry. He is a chemist by profession who obtained his Ph.D. from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, where his work was concentrated on the construction of the Tian-Calvet microcalorimeter, which was used for the characterization of activated carbons. Professor Moreno has spent his research career developing new materials for water purification. These interesting materials have been synthesized and he has also designed several microcalorimeters that have contributed to these studies. As a result of his research, Professor Moreno-Piraján has 160 publications. His main contributions can be found in the thermodynamic interpretation of solids and liquids, and in the information obtained from calorimetric measurements.

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Today, calorimetry is considered an art (although some consider it a tool) that studies the energy changes that occur during a change of state. This allows physicochemical analysis to study in detail the thermodynamic systems and to evaluate the different variables that establish the characteristics of the system itself. This book illustrates how the reader can use this technique in a wide spectrum of applications.

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