Tadashi Mizutani

Doshisha University Japan

Tadashi Mizutani is a professor of Biofunctional Chemistry, Faculty of Science and Engineering at Doshisha University, Japan. He was born in Osaka, Japan in 1957. He received a Doctor of Engineering degree from Kyoto University. He joined Toyota Central Research Laboratories, Inc., in 1986. After research and education in Tottori University and Kyoto University, he moved to Doshisha University in 2003. He has conducted experimental research on synthetic receptors, synthesis and supramolecular chemistry of tetrapyrrolic dyes, synthesis of clay minerals, nanoscience of organic-inorganic interfacial structures, and organic-inorganic hybrid materials. He has published over 100 papers in these fields including reviews and book contributions.

Tadashi Mizutani

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Progress of thermodynamics has been stimulated by the findings of a variety of fields of science and technology. The principles of thermodynamics are so general that the application is widespread to such fields as solid state physics, chemistry, biology, astronomical science, materials science, and chemical engineering. The contents of this book should be of help to many scientists and engineers.

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