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University of Salento Italy

Teresa Donateo is an associate professor of Fluid Machinery, Energy Systems, and Power Generation at the University of Salento since 2014, teaching courses on Fluid Machinery and Hybrid-Electric Power Trains. She attended the School of Material Engineering at the University of Lecce (Italy) and graduated in 1999. In November 2001, she joined the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Salento as an assistant professor and in July 2003 received her PhD degree from ISUFI in the field of combustion and energy conversion. She has been collaborating since 2005 with the Ohio State University, Columbus, OH, and since 2001 with major automotive and aircraft industrial partners. Her research topics are simulation, design and optimization of internal combustion engines, and hybrid-electric power trains.

Teresa Donateo

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This book on hybrid electric vehicles brings out six chapters on some of the research activities through the wide range of current issues on hybrid electric vehicles. The first section deals with two interesting applications of HEVs, namely, urban buses and heavy duty working machines. The second one groups papers related to the optimization of the electricity flows in a hybrid electric vehicle, starting from the optimization of recharge in PHEVs through advance storage systems, new motor technologies, and integrated starter-alternator technologies. A comprehensive analysis of the technologies used in HEVs is beyond the aim of the book. However, the content of this volume can be useful to scientists and students to broaden their knowledge of technologies and application of hybrid electric vehicles.

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