Katerina Chatzidionysiou

Karolinska Institute Sweden

Katerina Chatzidionysiou, MD, PhD, is currently working at the Rheumatology Department at Karolinska University Hospital and at the Unit for Clinical Therapy Research, Inflammatory Diseases, at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden. Her main research interest is therapy of Rheumatoid Arthritis and other inflammatory arthropathies. She has been involved in epidemiological studies based on large national and international registries, as well as translational research projects, which aim to optimize the use of biologic disease modifying antirheumatic drugs in clinical practice.

Katerina Chatzidionysiou

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Autoimmunity is defined as an immune response against a self-antigen. This abnormal immune response can lead to tissue damage and to the development of autoimmune disease. From organ-specific autoimmune diseases, such as myasthenia gravis, to non-organ-specific, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, autoimmune diseases represent a heterogeneous group of disorders which affect approximately 6% of the population. The pathogenesis of many autoimmune diseases is complex and remains not completely understood. The aim of this book is to present current knowledge regarding pathogenic mechanisms of autoimmune diseases, clinical aspects of specific autoimmune diseases, like vitiligo, celiac disease and autoimmune liver disease, as well as insights regarding specific therapies.

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