J. Marcelino Kongo

University of the Azores Portugal

Dr. J. Marcelino Kongo was a Post-Doc fellow and a Special Researcher Graduate Faculty at the Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety, University of Guelph in Canada, where he pursued research on Bacteriocins of Lactic Acid Bacteria (LAB). Dr. Kongo has a PhD in Biotechnology & Food Engineering, a MSc in Food Technology from the School of Biotechnology and a BA in Biology of Aquatic Ecosystems from the University of Oporto, Portugal. In the Last 10 years he has been teaching Food Microbiology and Processing at Department of Science & Technology (University of Azores) and at the Institute of Technology and Innovation of Azores, where he is also a project Coordinator, having previously worked as a Quality Manager for the Dairy industry and as a teacher for two vocational colleges, having supervised several graduate and undergraduate students. Dr. Marcelino Kongo is also a former Visiting Scientist at Cornell University (New York, USA) where he pursued research on Isolation and Characterization of Listeria monocytogenes, and at University College of Cork, (Ireland) with research in Dairy Chemistry. He was the recipient of 'The President Award” from the Society for Applied Microbiology (SFAM), UK and is a Reviewer for the Journal of Dairy Science. He has several publications in the field of Food Microbiology, namely with research on LAB, cheese microbiology and safety, probiotics and fermentation processes, is the author of the book 'São Jorge, the cheese and the island, 500 years”, was a chapter contributor to the book 'Food Chains”, contribuitor and Editor to the book 'Lactic Acid Bacteria, R &D for Food , Health and Livestock Purposes, and is actually working on the book 'Traditional Cheeses - Ecological, Economic and Socio-Cultural Roles”. His actual research interests are in Systems Biology of Lactic Acid Bacteria, their Antimicrobial Systems (bacteriocins) applied in non-thermal processing, as well as on the Multiple Socio Economic Roles of Artesan Cheeses.

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Ongoing scientific research in many parts of the world on the genomics, proteomics and genetic engineering of LAB is increasing our understanding of their physiology, pushing further the boundaries for their potential applications. "Lactic Acid Bacteria - R&D for Food, Health & Livestock Purposes" is a compilation and discussion of the outstanding scientific research activities concerning actually and future applications of LAB. It is directed to a vast public of readers - researcher, academics, corporate R&D, students or just curious interested in the subject.

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