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Dr. Walid Elshorbagy is specialized in water resources and environmental engineering with focussed expertise in water quality and coastal hydrodynamics. He earned his Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering in 1985 from Cairo University, Egypt; Master degree in 1991 from Utah State University, USA; and PhD degree in 1995 from University of Arizona, USA. He worked as a faculty adjunct in the Civil Engineering Department at the University of Arizona for one year (1995-1996), and then he joined the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) in 1996 as an Assistant Professor. Since then, he taught several undergraduate and graduate courses in water and wastewater treatment, waste management, hydraulics and hydrodynamic modeling. He authored and co-authored more than 90 journal and conference papers, supervised twelve Master theses and two PhD dissertations. Dr. Elshorbagy is currently head of the Graduate Program of Water Resources in UAEU.

Walid Elshorbagy

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Economic development, population growth, and environmental pollution evolving in many parts of the world are placing great demands on existing resources of fresh water and reflecting a "water crisis". Resource management, efficient utilization of the water resources, and above all water purification are all alternatives to resolve the water crisis. Purification approaches include traditional approaches that have lasted for several centuries without major modifications as well as new innovative approaches. This book covers a number of water quality issues relevant to either improving the existing treatment methods or to new advanced approaches. The book has 15 chapters distributed over four sections titled: [1] Management and Modeling of Treatment Systems, [2] Advanced Treatment Processes, [3] Treatment of Organic-contaminated Water, and [4] Advanced Monitoring Techniques.

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