Olgica Djurković Djaković

University of Belgrade Serbia

Dr. Olgica Djurković-Djaković received both her medical degree and her PhD from the University of Belgrade, Serbia (then Yugoslavia), where she has pursued a scientific career ever since. Her research interest involves parasitic zoonoses, focusing on Toxoplasma gondii infection, a field in which she has published extensively. She is currently Head of the Centre of Excellence for Toxoplasmosis and Medical Entomology at the University of Belgrade Institute for Medical Research and Head of the Serbian Reference Laboratory for Toxoplasmosis. Dr. Djurković-Djaković is also President of the Serbian Society of Parasitologists.

Olgica Djurković Djaković

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A ubiquitous organism able to infect all mammals and birds, which has been estimated to infect one third of the global human population, Toxoplasma gondii is the most successful parasite on Earth, and toxoplasmosis a major zoonotic disease. A current approach to this zoonosis is the "one health" concept, based on the understanding that a disease occurring between animals and man in a specific environment can only be dealt with at the interface of all "players" involved. This book, composed of a series of articles which integrate human and animal data on toxoplasmosis, by authors from all over the world, offers its readers a view on the current research interests and achievements.

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