Messias Borges Silva

University of Sao Paulo Brazil

Is Associate Professor in Quality Engineering UNESP (2008), holds a degree in Industrial Engineering Chemistry from the Faculty of Chemical Engineering of Lorena (1981), Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho (1992) and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering State University of Campinas (1996). He is currently working as assistant professor at the Universidade Estadual Paulista Júlio de Mesquita Filho at the faculty of School of Engineering of Lorena-USP. In 2012 he was part of the group of professors from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT ministering international travel in South America. In 2013 he was Visiting Scientist at the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Science. Published 35 papers in journals, 90 papers at conferences. Guided 6 Ph.D. theses, 11 master's theses, monographs and 11 works of Undergraduate Research. He was General Director of the former FAENQUIL, current EEL-USP. He has experience in areas of Chemical Engineering and Production Engineering, with emphasis on Quality Engineering / Quantitative Methods, acting on the following themes: Quality, Taguchi Method, Advanced Oxidation Processes, Optimization and Design of Experiments, Lean Six Sigma, Lean Healthcare.

Messias Borges Silva

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This book is a research publication that covers original research on developments within the Design of Experiments - Applications field of study. The book is a collection of reviewed scholarly contributions written by different authors and edited by Dr. Messias Borges Silva. Each scholarly contribution represents a chapter and each chapter is complete in itself but related to the major topics and objectives. The target audience comprises scholars and specialists in the field.

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