Leandro Freitas

Sao Paulo State University Brazil

Chemical Engineer from Engineering School of Lorena - São Paulo University (EEL/USP/Brazil), Expert in Design of Experiments from Sloan School of Management (Cambridge) - Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT/USA), MBA in Production Management from Faculty Engineering at Guaratinguetá - São Paulo State University (FEG/UNESP/Brazil), Master in Engineering from FEG/UNESP and PhD student in Engineering at FEG/UNESP. Was Supervisor at PETROBRAS, where has worked since 2006, was a Professor at Petrobras University and Instructor in the company Statsoft South America. Editorial Member of International Journal of Engineering Business Management, International Journal of Manufacturing, Materials and Mechanical Engineering and Journal of Applied Management Sciences and Engineering.

Leandro Freitas

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Recently statistical knowledge has become an important requirement and occupies a prominent position in the exercise of various professions. In the real world, the processes have a large volume of data and are naturally multivariate and as such, require a proper treatment. For these conditions it is difficult or practically impossible to use methods of univariate statistics. The wide application of multivariate techniques and the need to spread them more fully in the academic and the business justify the creation of this book. The objective is to demonstrate interdisciplinary applications to identify patterns, trends, association sand dependencies, in the areas of Management, Engineering and Sciences. The book is addressed to both practicing professionals and researchers in the field.

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