Alemayehu Gebremedhin

Norwegian University of Science and Technology

Professor Alemayehu Gebremedhin is a researcher and senior lecturer at NTNU Gjøvik, Norway. He also oversees the study program "Renewable Energy". Prof. Gebremedhin’s experience in the area of energy includes system analyses, modelling and optimisation of energy systems, district heating systems, renewable energy and industrial energy conservation. Prof. Gebremedhin has worked in close collaboration with several district heating companies in Sweden.

Alemayehu Gebremedhin

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“Sustainable Energy - Recent Studies” is a collection of six different chapters. The papers that are included in this book cover some specific areas within district heating, photovoltaic, bioenergy, wind energy, industrial energy auditing and indoor air quality. The overall theme is improving sustainability where efficient energy utilisation, integration of renewable energy sources and technological improvements are highlighted.

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