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Clemson University United States of America

Dr. Omar is an associate professor at the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research CU-ICAR. His research and teaching interests are in the area of Manufacturing, Materials and Design; specifically, knowledge based manufacturing systems and light-weight design, non-destructive testing of materials and structures. He is the recipient of many prestigious awards fincluding; the SME Richard L. Kegg Manufacturing award, the SAE Foundation Leadership in Manufacturing award, and the Murray Stokely Excellence in Engineering Education award. Dr. Omar is an active participant in several engineering societies; he hosted and chaired the ASNT topical conference series in 2009, was on the organizing committee of the NAMRC 37, and the SAE World Congress in 2009 and 2010. Prior to joining Clemson, he served as a visiting scholar at the Toyota Motor Company Measurement and Instrumentation Engineering Division, in addition to serving as a Post-Doctoral scholar at the University of Kentucky Center for Manufacturing.

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Nondestructive testing enables scientists and engineers to evaluate the integrity of their structures and the properties of their materials or components non-intrusively, and in some instances in real-time fashion. Applying the Nondestructive techniques and modalities offers valuable savings and guarantees the quality of engineered systems and products. This technology can be employed through different modalities that include contact methods such as ultrasonic, eddy current, magnetic particles, and liquid penetrant, in addition to contact-less methods such as in thermography, radiography, and shearography. This book seeks to introduce some of the Nondestructive testing methods from its theoretical fundamentals to its specific applications. Additionally, the text contains several novel implementations of such techniques in different fields, including the assessment of civil structures (concrete) to its application in medicine.

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