Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro

Nuclear and Energy Research Institute (Materials Science and Technology Center) / University of São Paulo

Physicist, MSc (Solid State Physics), DSc (Nuclear Technology) at the University of São Paulo (USP), São Paulo, Brazil. He is a Senior Researcher on Materials Science and Technology Center at IPEN (Nuclear and Energy Research Institute). Also, he is a lecturer and scientific advisor (MSc and DSc) on graduate course on IPEN – USP. His expertise areas are physical metallurgy, powder metallurgy, nuclear technology (materials), materials characterization (optical and electron microscopy; microanalysis techniques). He has published more than 160 articles (scientific journals and congress proceedings), chapters and books in the material sciences area. The academic advisories include 56 scientific initiations (undergraduate students), 30 Masters of Sciences and 16 Doctors of Sciences.

Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro

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The study of radiation effects has developed as a major field of materials science from the beginning, approximately 70 years ago. Its rapid development has been driven by two strong influences. The properties of the crystal defects and the materials containing them may then be studied. The types of radiation that can alter structural materials consist of neutrons, ions, electrons, gamma rays or other electromagnetic waves with different wavelengths. All of these forms of radiation have the capability to displace atoms/molecules from their lattice sites, which is the fundamental process that drives the changes in all materials. The effect of irradiation on materials is fixed in the initial event in which an energetic projectile strikes a target. The book is distributed in four sections: Ionic Materials; Biomaterials; Polymeric Materials and Metallic Materials.

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