Herve Seligmann

University of Chicago United States of America

Hervé Seligmann\'s focus on mitochondrial DNA developed when searching for molecular mechanisms explaining developmental stability in lizards, a major topic in his PhD thesis. He described already >5 molecular processes affecting whole organism morphology and life history traits. This lead to uncover 4 types of cryptic coding systems, which he describes for vertebrate mitochondria. These range from switches between alternative genetic codes (mainly stop codon translation), expanded codons, and several alternative transcriptions, based on systematic alterations of the template DNA (research ongoing).

Herve Seligmann

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The very short genomes of mitochondria summarize the complexity of molecular biology and its interactions with cellular and whole organism biology. Studies of mitogenomes contribute to the understanding of molecular biology and evolution, and to health management. Despite or even due to their small sizes, mitogenomes continue to surprise us. Studies of mitogenomes reveal the details of molecular organization and its evolution under constraints for miniaturization.

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