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Sofia University Bulgaria

Assoc. Professor Margarita Pesheva is the leader of the Laboratory of microbial genetics at the Department of Genetics, Sofia University. She received her M.Sc. From Sofia University, Bulgaria and Ph.D. From the University of St. Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Pesheva gives lectures and practical exercises in Genetics, specifically Bacterial Genetics and Genetics and selection of microorganisms. During the last years, the scientific interests of Dr. Pesheva have focused on construction of yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae with gene modified Ty1 retro-transposon. Dr. Pesheva is the co-author of “Tool for Quantitative Determination of Antioxidant Activity of Different Natural Products in Alive Cells”.

Margarita Pesheva

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During the last decades, cancer diseases have increased all over the world. The low quality of food and strong pollution of environment are the main prerequisites for carcinogenesis. The main problem for scientists is to find strategy for prevention of cancer diseases. Therefore, the information about the models for studying carcinogenesis and mutagens which appear during cooking, environmental pollutants, and tests for specific detection of carcinogens is particularly important. The book "Carcinogen" is intended for biologists, researchers, students in medical sciences and professionals interested in associated areas.

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