Patricia Hernandez-Rodriguez

Universidad de La Salle Costa Rica

Dr Patricia Hernández-Rodríguez is the Director of Research Group BIOMIGEN (Molecular Biology and Immunogenetics) in the Biology Program, Department of Basic Science; she is also a member of Epidemiology and Public Health Group School of Agricultural Sciences Universidad de La Salle (Colombia). She holds a Biology degree, a Specialization in Epidemiology, a Master of Science in Molecular Biology and she is a PhD in Agro-Science. She has served as a professor to undergraduate and graduate students. He has lectured at scientific events in Colombia and other countries of the world. ID Scopus and ORCID. Fields of Research: Infectious Diseases, Genetics and Molecular Biology.

Patricia Hernandez-Rodriguez

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This book is intended to present current concepts in molecular biology with the emphasis on the application to animal, plant and human pathology, in various aspects such as etiology, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and prevention of diseases as well as the use of these methodologies in understanding the pathophysiology of various diseases that affect living beings.

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