Anna Rudawska

Lublin University of Technology

Prof. Anna Rudawska, Ph.D., DSc, Eng, works in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Lublin University of Technology, Poland. She is an author or co-author of 300 scientific publications in Polish, English, Ukrainian, and Slovak, several monographs and book chapters, and patents and patent applications. Her research focuses on the influence of technological and structural factors on the strength of polymer and metal adhesive joints, design of bonding technology, surface treatment of adherents, properties of adhesives for increasing the strength of adhesive joints, and the modification of epoxy adhesive compounds.

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This book discusses applications of adhesives and adhesive joints in different branches of industry. The properties of adhesives and adhesive joints, and also the requirements of mechanical properties and chemical and environmental resistance of adhesives and adhesive joints, are very important because proper strength, durability, and time of use are all factors that are dependent on the type of industry. The aim of this book is to present information on the type of adhesives and adhesive joints, in addition to their characteristics, used in different branches of industry. This information should enable scientists, engineers, and designers to acquire knowledge of adhesives and adhesive joints, which could be helpful in selecting the right type of adhesive and adhesive joint to make applications for a particular industry.

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