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Charité Germany

Born in Southern Namibia, Wilfred\'s moto is your background is no excuse, the only excuse for success is the limitations you set for yourself. He holds a PhD in Entrepreneurship from Australasia and aspires to study for an Intellectual Property Law degree soon. Currently he is a final year student for a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Educators at UNAM.

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This book is a wonderful celebration of culture and identity, especially from the cultural lens of the various authors' nation of origin. Culture is viewed as a collective programming of the mind and is at times compared to an onion?the more you peel off the layers, the more you get to learn about the values, beliefs, and norms of the respective societies. As complex as the onion diagram is, and it gives the possibilities of tears due to its complexity, a great understanding is critical to interact and communicate effectively. It is a unique tribute to the many scholars who have embarked on this journey of exploring culture and how identity is defined. It is an intellectual discourse that could act as a springboard for many more experiments to be conducted around the world, more specifically the multidimensional aspects of culture and identity. Other interesting elements in this book are the many historical details and the abundance of insightful illustrations.

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