Loth S. Mulungu

Sokoine University of Agriculture

My research interest is in pest management and Ecology for both invertebrates and vertebrate pests. Generally, pests cause serious agricultural and health problems for people. Studying the ecology and biology of pests can lead to significant improvements in the way we/farmers manage pests. Ecologically-based rodent management (EBRM) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) are increasingly seen as more sustainable, both economically and environmentally, than the traditional use of synthetic poisons. One of the big problems in developing better pest management strategies is to understand their true impact on people’s livelihoods. Although many farmers will understand that many pest species have problems and damage their field crops, stored food and personal possessions, awareness among farmers about the level and scope of damage is often underestimated. As an expert, researcher and a trainer academician at Sokoine University of Agriculture, I have worked extensively investigating various pest species’ ecology, conservation and management. I am the author of over ninety papers in refereed scientific journals and books, and have made many contributions to symposia, conference proceedings and international scientific meetings.

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