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Dr. Denis Reilly graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BEng (Hons) in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (First Class) and an MSc in Computer Science and Software Engineering (Distinction). He received his Ph.D. from Liverpool John Moores University. He currently works at the School of Computer Science and Mathematics, Liverpool John Moores University as a Principal Lecturer, where he is a course leader for the BSc (Hons) programs in Computing and Computer Networks. His research interests include robotics, AI and machine learning, the Internet of Things, cyber security, and distributed systems. He reviews articles for IEEE Access and serves as an editor for the Journal of Machine Learning Research. He also serves as a reviewer of European Union grants and projects in computer science.

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Information technology (IT) and information systems (IS) are crucial to our everyday lives. This book brings together a collection of research papers related to the application of IT and IS to address issues at national levels.The first section provides some introductory material relating to IS and future challenges facing IS. The second section considers several diverse applications of IT and IS, ranging from Internet voting to missing person investigations.This volume is suitable for both academics and IT practitioners working in the industry, government, or service-providing sectors.

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