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Iran Maglev Technology (IMT)

Dr. Hamid Yaghoubi is the director of Iran Maglev Technology (IMT). He became the Iran top researcher in 2010. In this regard, he was awarded by the Iranian president; the Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology; and the Iranian Minister of Information and Communication Technology. He became the 2011 and 2012 Outstanding Reviewer for the Journal of Transportation Engineering (JTE), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), USA. One of his journal papers became the 2011 Top Download Paper for JTE. He received the ICCTP2011 Award for the 11th International Conference of Chinese Transportation Professionals (ICCTP2011), ASCE. He is an assistant chief editor and an editorial board member for some journals. He has been a reviewer for the majority of journals, books and conferences. He has also been an editor for some books. He has cooperated with hundreds of international conferences as a chairman, a keynote speaker, a chair of session, a publication chair, and a member of committees, including scientific, organizing, steering, advisory, technical program, and so on. He is also a member of several international committees.

Hamid Yaghoubi

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