Ioannis Deliyannis

Dr. Ioannis Deliyannis is an Associate Professor at Ionian University in Corfu. He is a member of the Faculty of the Department of Audio and Visual Arts and a founding member of the inArts research laboratory. He has created various interactive multimedia systems ranging from experimental television stations featuring multiple modes of delivery to educational and multi-sensory games. He is the author of a series of journal and conference publications in the above field and a series of books targeting the experimental and creative aspects of the technologies involved. He is involved in the design of user-centred software products and services, focusing on the use of mobile sensory systems to create intelligent interactive systems, entertainment education systems, games, gamified systems, educational applications for people with disabilities, multimedia adapters, holograms, interactive navigation narrative applications, augmented and virtual reality systems.

3books edited

2chapters authored

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The book presents a collection of chapters that focus on the design, use, and evaluation of games and the application of gamification processes in serious learning scenarios. This is clearly the way of the future, as those technologies are currently being used to change the way we explore, learn, and share our knowledge with others. The field will evolve in the near future with the use of new delivery platforms, while various technologies will merge into more concrete media, including wearable multipurpose devices. This book presents a series of design and evaluation case studies enabling the reader to appreciate the complexity of the task in hand, sample different case studies, and appreciate how different requirements can be met using game design and evaluation theory, analysis, and implementation.

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