Rodrigo Sobreiro

Fluminense Federal University Brazil

Rodrigo F. Sobreiro graduated from Rio de Janeiro State University in 2002 and obtained his PhD from the same University in 2007. He has worked as post-doctoral researcher at Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas and as visiting professor at Rio de Janeiro State University. Since 2009 he has a permanent professor position at Fluminense Federal University. His research interest are in quantum, classical and geometrical aspects of gauge theories and their applications in confinement and quantum gravity.

Rodrigo Sobreiro

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The unification between gravity and quantum field theory is one of the major problems in contemporary fundamental Physics. It exists for almost one century, but a final answer is yet to be found. Although string theory and loop quantum gravity have brought many answers to the quantum gravity problem, they also came with a large set of extra questions. In addition to these last two techniques, many other alternative theories have emerged along the decades. This book presents a series of selected chapters written by renowned authors. Each chapter treats gravity and its quantization through known and alternative techniques, aiming a deeper understanding on the quantum nature of gravity. Quantum Gravity is a book where the reader will find a fine collection of physical and mathematical concepts, an up to date research, about the challenging puzzle of quantum gravity.

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