Theo Mantamadiotis

University of Melbourne Australia

Dr. Theo Mantamadiotis, as a molecular cell biologist was able to combine his interests in the neurosciences and cancer biology. His specific research focuses on understanding molecular and cellular mechanisms regulating neural cell survival, growth and differentiation in the context of brain development and cancer. Much of Dr. Mantamadiotis\' work has focussed on a gene encoding the CREB transcription factor which has been implicated in a spectrum of neural functions ranging from learning and memory, drug addiction and neurodegeneration. In the words of Dr. Mantamadiotis: “The most exciting part of the journey is just beginning, as our investigations on the role of CREB in brain have led us to investigate neural stem cells and their role in brain cancer”.

Theo Mantamadiotis

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In this book we have experts writing on various neuroscience topics ranging from mental illness, syndromes, compulsive disorders, brain cancer and advances in therapies and imaging techniques. Although diverse, the topics provide an overview of an array of diseases and their underlying causes, as well as advances in the treatment of these ailments. This book includes three chapters dedicated to neurodegenerative diseases, undoubtedly a group of diseases of huge socio-economic importance due to the number of people currently suffering from this type of disease but also the prediction of a huge increase in the number of people becoming afflicted. The book also includes a chapter on the molecular and cellular aspects of brain cancer, a disease which is still amongst the least treatable of cancers.

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