Adir Luiz

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Adir Moysés Luiz is associate Professor at Instituto de Física at Federal University in Rio de Janeiro, (UFRJ) Brazil. He obtained doctor degree in Chemical Engineering (DSc.) at COPPE - “Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro”, (UFRJ) in Brazil. The year of degree obtaining is 1982. The research areas which were always in the focus of his activities are: thermodynamics, solid state physics, materials science and superconductivity. His present interests are: superconductivity, superconducting materials, applications of superconductivity, superconducting devices, microscopic theories of superconductivity. Until now, Dr. Luiz has published 44 articles in scientific journals, 23 books and 62 articles in annals of events. He has also published 22 presentations of events (different congresses, conference or lectures), translated 19 books, and participated in 43 graduate boards. He has already been active as the Editor of 3 published books.

Adir Luiz

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Superconductivity was discovered in 1911 by Kamerlingh Onnes. Since the discovery of an oxide superconductor with critical temperature (Tc) approximately equal to 35 K (by Bednorz and Muller 1986), there are a great number of laboratories all over the world involved in research of superconductors with high Tc values, the so-called "High-Tc superconductors". This book contains 15 chapters reporting about interesting research about theoretical and experimental aspects of superconductivity. You will find here a great number of works about theories and properties of High-Tc superconductors (materials with Tc > 30 K). In a few chapters there are also discussions concerning low-Tc superconductors (Tc < 30 K). This book will certainly encourage further experimental and theoretical research in new theories and new superconducting materials.

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