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1. Retracted: What Did We Attain with Luminescent Quantum Dots?

By Bukem Tanoren and Ali Eren Guzey

Part of book: Quantum Dots - Fundamental and Applications [Working Title]

2. Temperature Effects in the Photoluminescence of Semiconductor Quantum Dots

By Anatoly Zatsepin and Dmitry Biryukov

Part of book: Quantum Dots - Fundamental and Applications [Working Title]

3. Quantum Dot Light-Emitting Diode: Structure, Mechanism, and Preparation

By Ning Tu

Part of book: Quantum Dots - Fundamental and Applications [Working Title]

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1. The Silver Nanoparticle (Nano-Ag): a New Model for Antifungal Agents

By Juneyoung Lee, Keuk-Jun Kim, Woo Sang Sung, Jong Guk Kim and Dong Gun Lee

Part of book: Silver Nanoparticles

2. Piezoelectric Materials for Medical Applications

By Melodie Chen-Glasser, Panpan Li, Jeongjae Ryu and Seungbum Hong

Part of book: Piezoelectricity - Organic and Inorganic Materials and Applications

3. Cerium Oxide Nanostructures and their Applications

By Adnan Younis, Dewei Chu and Sean Li

Part of book: Functionalized Nanomaterials

4. Quantum Dots as a Light Indicator for Emitting Diodes and Biological Coding

By Irati Ugarte, Ivan Castelló, Emilio Palomares and Roberto Pacios

Part of book: Quantum Dots - A Variety of New Applications

5. Nanotechnologies Applied in Biomedical Vaccines

By Yuan-Chuan Chen, Hwei-Fang Cheng, Yi-Chen Yang and Ming- Kung Yeh

Part of book: Micro and Nanotechnologies for Biotechnology

6. Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes by Catalytic Chemical Vapor Deposition

By Xiao-Di Wang, K. Vinodgopal and Gui-Ping Dai

Part of book: Perspective of Carbon Nanotubes

7. Nanofibers and Electrospinning Method

By Nabeel Zabar Abed Al-Hazeem

Part of book: Novel Nanomaterials - Synthesis and Applications

8. Nanomaterials: An Overview of Nanorods Synthesis and Optimization

By Alsultan Abdulkareem Ghassan, Nurul-Asikin Mijan and Yun Hin Taufiq-Yap

Part of book: Nanorods and Nanocomposites

9. Cells and Organs on Chip—A Revolutionary Platform for Biomedicine

By Preeti Nigam Joshi

Part of book: Lab-on-a-Chip Fabrication and Application

10. Indenter Shape Dependent Dislocation Actives and Stress Distributions of Single Crystal Nickel during Nanoindentation: A Molecular Dynamics Simulation

By Wen-Ping Wu, Yun-Li Li and Zhennan Zhang

Part of book: Advances in Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics - Rudimentary Research to Topical Technology