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1. Electrodeposition of Nanostructure Materials

By Souad A. M. Al-Bat’hi

Part of book: Electroplating of Nanostructures

2. Excitons in Two-Dimensional Materials

By Xiaoyang Zheng and Xian Zhang

Part of book: Advances in Condensed-Matter and Materials Physics - Rudimentary Research to Topical Technology

3. Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance for Optical Fiber-Sensing Applications

By Pedro J. Rivero, Javier Goicoechea and Francisco J. Arregui

Part of book: Nanoplasmonics - Fundamentals and Applications

4. Electrospinning for Drug Delivery Systems: Drug Incorporation Techniques

By Cornejo Bravo José Manuel, Villarreal Gómez Luis Jesús and Serrano Medina Aracely

Part of book: Electrospinning - Material, Techniques, and Biomedical Applications

5. Polarizability and Impurity Screening for Phosphorene

By Po Hsin Shih, Thi Nga Do, Godfrey Gumbs and Dipendra Dahal

Part of book: 2D Materials

6. Carbon Nanotube Transparent Electrode

By Jing Sun and Ranran Wang

Part of book: Syntheses and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Composites

7. General Introduction to Ferroelectrics

By Muzaffar Iqbal Khan and Trilok Chandra Upadhyay

Part of book: Multifunctional Ferroelectric Materials

8. Carbon Nanotubes for Use in Medicine: Potentials and Limitations

By Wei Shao, Paul Arghya, Mai Yiyong, Laetitia Rodes and Satya Prakash

Part of book: Syntheses and Applications of Carbon Nanotubes and Their Composites

9. Facile Methodology of Sol-Gel Synthesis for Metal Oxide Nanostructures

By Shrividhya Thiagarajan, Anandhavelu Sanmugam and Dhanasekaran Vikraman

Part of book: Recent Applications in Sol-Gel Synthesis

10. Recent Development in Applications of Cellulose Nanocrystals for Advanced Polymer-Based Nanocomposites by Novel Fabrication Strategies

By Chengjun Zhou and Qinglin Wu

Part of book: Nanocrystals - Synthesis, Characterization and Applications