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1. Atmospheric Nanoparticles and Their Impacts on Public Health

By Klara Slezakova, Simone Morais and Maria do Carmo Pereira

Part of book: Current Topics in Public Health

2. Iron and Microbial Growth

By Argiris Symeonidis and Markos Marangos

Part of book: Insight and Control of Infectious Disease in Global Scenario

3. Role of Multifunctional FADD (Fas-Associated Death Domain) Adaptor in Drug Addiction

By Alfredo Ramos-Miguel, María Álvaro-Bartolomé, M. Julia García-Fuster and Jesús A. García-Sevilla

Part of book: Addictions - From Pathophysiology to Treatment


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1. Epidemiological Burden of Tuberculosis in Developing Countries

By Diana M. Castañeda-Hernández and Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

Part of book: Current Topics in Public Health

2. Volunteering in Palliative Care in France: “A Tough Job”; Patient, Family, Caregiver, and Volunteer Perspectives

By Yaël Tibi-Lévy and Martine Bungener

Part of book: Highlights on Several Underestimated Topics in Palliative Care

3. Health Care Waste Management – Public Health Benefits, and the Need for Effective Environmental Regulatory Surveillance in Federal Republic of Nigeria

By Nkechi Chuks Nwachukwu, Frank Anayo Orji and Ositadinma Chinyere Ugbogu

Part of book: Current Topics in Public Health

4. Clinical Epidemiology and Its Relevance for Public Health in Developing Countries

By Cristian Díaz-Vélez, Víctor Soto-Cáceres, Ricardo E. Peña-Sánchez, Moisés A. Apolaya Segura and Edén Galán-Rodas

Part of book: Current Topics in Public Health

5. Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment: An Overview for the General Practitioner

By Josephine Emole

Part of book: Primary Care at a Glance - Hot Topics and New Insights

6. Insecticide Resistance in Malaria Vectors: An Update at a Global Scale

By Jacob M. Riveron, Magellan Tchouakui, Leon Mugenzi, Benjamin D. Menze, Mu-Chun Chiang and Charles S. Wondji

Part of book: Towards Malaria Elimination - A Leap Forward

7. Natural Compounds for Wound Healing

By Mihaela Georgescu, Oana Marinas, Marcela Popa, Teodora Stan, Veronica Lazar, Serban Vifor Bertesteanu and Mariana Carmen Chifiriuc

Part of book: Worldwide Wound Healing - Innovation in Natural and Conventional Methods

8. Health Literacy: An Intervention to Improve Health Outcomes

By Monique Ann-Marie Lynch and Geovanni Vinceroy Franklin

Part of book: Strategies to Reduce Hospital Mortality in Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMICs) and Resource-Limited Settings

9. Emerging and Re-emerging Arboviral Diseases as a Global Health Problem

By Serena Marchi, Claudia Maria Trombetta and Emanuele Montomoli

Part of book: Public Health - Emerging and Re-emerging Issues

10. Clinical Features and Management of Chronic Chikungunya Arthritis

By Joshua Britton Bilsborrow, José Kennedy Amaral and Robert T. Schoen

Part of book: Current Topics in Neglected Tropical Diseases