Jorge Falcón-Lezama

Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, Mexico

Dr. Jorge Abelardo Falcón-Lezama MD, MSc., Ph.D, obtained his Medical degree at Juárez Autonomous University of Tabasco, a Master degree on Infectious Diseases at Mexico’s National Institute of Public Health, a Ph.D. on Epidemiology at National Autonomous University of Mexico, and a Specialization course on Intelligence for National Security at Mexico’s National Institute of Public Administration. He has worked at Morelos State Health Services, Mexico’s Institute for Insurance and Social Services for the State Workers, as Project Coordinator on Infectious Diseases in the Direction of Global Solutions at the Carlos Slim Foundation and as a Researcher and Professor at Juarez Autonomous University of Tabasco in Mexico. Dr. Falcón-Lezama has taught postgraduate courses at National Polytechnic Institute, Juarez Autonomous University of Tabasco, and Hidalgo State Autonomous University. He is member of Mexico’s National Researchers System, and the Mexican Society of Public Health.

Jorge Falcón-Lezama

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For over 70 years, dengue fever has challenged health systems in every region of the World. It has evolved from a benign febrile illness from the tropics to a major concern in urban settlements, overwhelming health infrastructure with large outbreaks, as it continues to teach us important lessons with its complexities. This book intends to review the latest updates on dengue fever, the tools available for its study and control, and promising technologies currently in the pipeline. With this work, the editors wish to provide students with an updated reference text on the basics of this disease as well as researchers and academics, with a useful document to understand the current outlook and the perspectives for the future.

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