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1. Forward and Inverse Kinematics Using Pseudoinverse and Transposition Method for Robotic Arm DOBOT

By Ondrej Hock and Jozef Šedo

Part of book: Kinematics

2. Kinematic and Biodynamic Model of the Long Jump Technique

By Milan Čoh, Milan Žvan and Otmar Kugovnik

Part of book: Kinematics

3. Optimization Approach for Inverse Kinematic Solution

By Panchanand Jha and Bibhuti Bhusan Biswal

Part of book: Kinematics

4. Kinematic Performance Measures and Optimization of Parallel Kinematics Manipulators: A Brief Review

By Abdur Rosyid, Bashar El-Khasawneh and Anas Alazzam

Part of book: Kinematics

5. WMR Kinematic Control Using Underactuated Mechanisms for Goal Direction and Evasion

By Jorge U. Reyes-Muñoz, Edgar A. Martínez-García, Ricardo Rodríguez-Jorge and Rafael Torres-Córdoba

Part of book: Kinematics

6. Kinematic Model for Project Scheduling with Constrained Resources Under Uncertainties

By Giuliani Paulineli Garbi and Francisco José Grandinetti

Part of book: Kinematics

7. A Random Multi-Trajectory Generation Method for Online Emergency Threat Management (Analysis and Application in Path Planning Algorithm)

By Liang Yang, Yuqing He, Jizhong Xiao, Bing Li and Zhaoming Liu

Part of book: Kinematics

8. A New Methodology for Kinematic Parameter Identification in Laser Trackers

By Ana Cristina Majarena, Javier Conte, Jorge Santolaria and Raquel Acero

Part of book: Kinematics

9. How to Expand the Workspace of Parallel Robots

By Takashi Harada

Part of book: Kinematics

10. Optimization of Single-Sided Lapping Kinematics Based on Statistical Analysis of Abrasive Particles Trajectories

By Adam Barylski and Norbert Piotrowski

Part of book: Kinematics