Efren Gorrostieta Hurtado

Autonomous University of Queretaro Mexico

Dr. Eng Efren Gorrostieta is a Professor at the Engineering Faculty of the Autonomous University of Queretaro, Mexico. He studied Electronics Engineering, received a master of Science in Control and Automation and a PhD in Mechatronics. He was a co-founder of the Mechatronics Mexican Association, President of the IEEE Querétaro Section and the Chair of the IEEE Queretaro Computational Intelligence Chapter; he has given lectures in Control Systems and Robotics at different universities and has been a chair, reviewer and editor in several national/international congresses related to robotics, automation, and artificial intelligence. He has several publications in conferences and journals in the field.

Efren Gorrostieta Hurtado

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This book includes a selection of research work in the mobile robotics area, where several interesting topics are presented. In this way we find a review of multi-agents, different techniques applied to the navigation systems, artificial intelligence algorithms, which include deep learning applications, systems where a Kalman filter estimator is extended for visual odometry, and finally the design of an on-chip system for the execution of cognitive agents. Additionally, the development of different ideas in mobile robot applications are included and hopefully will be useful and enriching for readers.

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