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Cells and Holograms – Holograms and Digital Holographic Microscopy as a Tool to Study the Morphology of Living Cells

By Kersti Alm, Zahra El-Schich, Maria Falck Miniotis, Anette Gjörloff Wingren, Birgit Janicke and Stina Oredsson

Part of the book: Holography

Quantitative Analysis of Biological Cells Using Digital Holographic Microscopy

By Natan T. Shaked, Lisa L. Satterwhite, Matthew T. Rinehart and Adam Wax

Part of the book: Holography

Digital Holography and Cell Studies

By Kersti Alm, Helena Cirenajwis, Lennart Gisselsson, Anette Gjörloff Wingren, Birgit Janicke, Anna Mölder, Stina Oredsson and Johan Persson

Part of the book: Holography

Photopolymer Holographic Optical Elements for Application in Solar Energy Concentrators

By Izabela Naydenova, Hoda Akbari, Colin Dalton, Mohamed Yahya so Mohamed Ilyas, Clinton Pang Tee Wei, Vincent Toal and Suzanne Martin

Part of the book: Holography


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Bifurcation Effects Generated with Holographic Rough Surfaces

By G. Martínez Niconoff, G. Díaz González, P. Martínez Vara, J. Silva Barranco and J. Munoz-Lopez

Part of the book: Holography

Understanding Diffraction in Volume Gratings and Holograms

By Brotherton-Ratcliffe David

Part of the book: Holography

Design Optimization of Pressure Sensing Floor for Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction

By Sankar Rangarajan, Assegid Kidane, Gang Qian and Stjepan Rajko

Part of the book: Human Computer Interaction

Volume Holographic Optical Elements as Solar Concentrators

By Maria Antonietta Ferrara, Gaetano Bianco, Fabio Borbone, Roberto Centore, Valerio Striano and Giuseppe Coppola

Part of the book: Holographic Materials and Optical Systems